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The agricultural, and agricultural food production and transformation sectors play an increasingly more important role in European politics because, in addition to being one of the columns of community economy, it can absorb new strength (young people) and new investments (innovation, research and development), in order to become more competitive and come closer to the expectations of consumers who are increasingly more developed and complex.
Agriculture, in fact, must improve and advance not only for the final characteristics of the “product”, but also its production processes. The quality products available must be safe and produced in a way that considers fundamental factors such as the environment and the wellbeing of animals.
Understanding this need for change, integrating concepts aimed at better ethics, sustainability and modernity in the agricultural compartment, can render the whole sector more competitive and remunerative, and as such able to attract new life forces and new ideas, in a virtuous circle that brings benefit not only to those in charge but also and above all to the consumers.

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This value and these guarantees were summed up and transmitted through the use of the DOP, IGP and STG quality labels, with the same graphic form and contents for all the European Union countries, that are attributed to high quality agricultural and agricultural food production.
In order to be distinctive for a specific production, information on European quality brands must be correctly transmitted to consumers.


It is in this context that the information and promotion programme was requested by the three Italian consortiums:
• The Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Consortium
• The Asiago cheese Protection Consortium
• The Gorgonzola DOP Cheese Protection Consortium

The testimonial products of the programme are:
• Parmigiano Reggiano DOP cheese
• Asiago DOP cheese
• Gorgonzola DOP cheese

The program, which lasts for 3 years - from 2016 to 2019 - will be applied in the following countries: Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary.
The objectives are:
• to promote and communicate the general characteristics and advantages of quality brands to consumers and sector operators;
• to use the notoriety of the products in order to stimulate consumption of the European cheeses that are mainly involved in the campaign, and to use them as “Ambassadors” to represent the quality of DOP products.
The programme will develop through a series of events and initiatives such as public relations, events, sensitisation activities in large retailers, the traditional channel and Horeca, presence in the press and on the Internet.


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